vnc internet login problems

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Thu Jan 8 17:54:00 2004


	Heya. Your workplace likely has a proxy/firewall that is
restricting your connections. It's a fairly common situation, and
here are some ideas for working around it:

	Of *may* want to confirm that your router
at home is really setup correctly. That is, have you tested
VNC'ing across the Internet from somewhere besides your workplace?
Try this scan, for instance:

	If that scan doesn't report success, then your firewall
needs adjusting. Hope these suggestions helps!


> I have just installed vncServer on my home pc and i'm trying to access
> it from my laptop at work but i'm having some problems, hopefully
> someone can give me some insight.  I've tried connecting with the web
> page and with the viewer but neither have been successfull.  I can
> connect fine when I'm connected directly to my home network.  I have
> ports 5800 and 5900 open on my router (TCP & UDP) and pointing to the
> correct internal IP.  I have ports mapped on my router for other
> services and they are all working fine so i see no reason why these
> routes wouldn't be working.  I'm able to get to the log in screen on the
> web page but when I enter the password and hit ok it pauses for 10
> seconeds or so, then I get the following error:
> " Connection timed out: connect".  If I try
> the viewer I get the error: "Failed to connect to server".