Can't Restart or Shutdown Windows Using VNC - Was Working Earlier

Mike Fedyk mfedyk "at"
Wed Jan 7 21:15:01 2004

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 02:35:59PM -0600, CORUM, M E [AG/1000] wrote:
> Very suddenly (and as far as I know, without any change occurring on the machine) this feature stopped
> working.  Now, when I try to do a restart or even a logoff so that I could re-logon as a different user, my VNC client
> window disappears immediately (it feels like it goes away faster than it used to) and the restart or logoff never
> actually happens.  This was in 3.3.3.

1. Run chkdsk on your disks.

2. Make sure realVNC is running as a service.

On a side note: I'd suggest you always logout before restart/shutdown.
Frequently there are apps asking for files to be saved, or some app hangs
and you can't log back in through VNC because a shutdown/reboot is in