Connection closes

T. Valent winsock2 "at"
Wed Jan 7 16:24:01 2004

> Are you sure that you are running service-mode servers on the two
> problem machines, rather than connecting to app-mode instances?  


> Have you restarted the problem machines and seen the problem continue? 

Sure. The problem occurs since I first installed the service on these
machines and the machines are rebooted on a daily basis.

>Does either machine have a screen-saver enabled?

Hmm. I am not sure. Probably yes. But during the attempts to connect to the
machine, they have not been running (I was talking to the user on a machine
on the phone "Do this and that", and after he didn't get what I supposed, I
tried to connect to that host, which made the problem reoccur. So there has
been no screensaver active.

I can reproduce the problem anytime I whish. I just have to start the
VNC-viewer on any host in the network and try to connect to one of the two
hosts where the problem occurs.


(I honestly appreciate your attempt to help me very much!)