Strange TT font problem with KDE

Mattias Dahlberg mda "at"
Wed Jan 7 15:12:01 2004

Wed Dec 31 11:12:01 2003 Andrew Brown wrote:

 > I am running VNCserver on a linux (Suse 8.2) box and controlling it
 > with VNCviewer on windows 200. That works very well. There are
 > truetype fonts on the linux box which display fine under KDE 3.1.1 in
 > the normal X server. But they won't display using VNC, with one
 > puzzling exception: they do show up, correctly rendered, in the KDE
 > font preview box.

I have the same problem, but I'm using GNOME. Anyone out there who has 
an idea why this happens? I'm using XFree-4.3.0-42, as shipped with 
Fedora Core 1 and vnc-server/vnc-client 4.0beta4.

And, for some reason the VNC session is anti-aliasied although I've 
changed to monochrome in the GNOME font applet. I'm running X with the 
bytecode interpreter enabled in Freetype and with no anti-aliasing, but 
as I said, the VNC session is still anti-aliased... why?