VNC 4.0b4 bugs..

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Wed Jan 7 12:12:01 2004


Any further feedback on this?  Did it turn out to be a window manager
issue as previously suggested?


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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I've got some problems with the 4.0b4 linux binaries off the RealVNC

1-First show stopper is that the vncviewer popup does not forward the f8
Real PITA.

2-Setting the desired menukey on the command line effectively disables
popup. Using menukey="insert your key" completely disables the popup...

3-Loading crashes the server computer when a vnc client logs into
real yuk.

4-Touching anykey while vncviewer popup is active is supposed to dismiss
popup... it doesn't. You've got to click on the dismiss buton...

Perhaps the viewer isn't detecting keystrokes like it's expected to.


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