Installing VNC 3.3.7 on a Unix workstation

Corné Beerse cbeerse "at"
Wed Jan 7 10:18:01 2004

Sergio Rodriguez wrote:

> I have downloaded VNC 3.3.7 for Unix, and I have unzipped and untarred
> the files. But I can't understand the Unix installation instructions
> within the readme files.  Could someone please send me some step by step
> instructions on how to install VNC 3.3.7 on a unix workstation?  I'm
> actually trying to install it on to an IRIX operating system version
> 6.5.13m.

There are some variants. 
describes not the default setup but it is my personal favorite. It focusses on 
RH7 but can be setup on many other machines.

If `Xvnc :4 -query localhost` gives a login box with `vncviewer machine:4` then 
you only need to update /etc/services and one of inetd or xinetd.

After that, everyone gets a session at `vncviewer machine:50` (or higher number 
for other geometries) with a login.

Only disadvantage (if you call it a disadvantate) is that the vnc sessions are 
single use.


> Thank you,
> Sergio
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