single desktop per user with vncserver through inetd

Corné Beerse cbeerse "at"
Wed Jan 7 10:13:00 2004

Mike Fedyk wrote:

> Hi,
> I like the feature where I can have my users login through one port and then
> login to their user with [xgk]dm, but last time I tried it I was able to
> make several instances of desktops, but not login to the same desktop again
> from another vncviewer (say, from another host).

I guess you look at the setup as described at

It focusses at RH7, use it as a guideline for other os-es.

Major steps are:
setup xdmcp, you can thest this with `Xvnc -query localhost :4`, and see a login 
at `vncviewer machine:4`. (on commercial unix machines, this might already be 
Once that is working, you only need to add the service names to /etc/services 
and configure inetd or xinetd.

Note on the inetd/xinetd configuration:
Use the local path to Xvnc, donnot do a blind copy.
Use your local fontpath (the one you see at the console with `xset -q`).

> Is there a way to do this with one port and inetd, or will I have to use
> several ports, and tell my users which port is theirs (and start desktops
> for 50 users on startup).

With the described setup you can access `vncviewer machine:50` and upwards for 
some variants in the geometry (size and colordept).


> Thanks,
> Mike
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