Connection closes

T. Valent winsock2 "at"
Wed Jan 7 08:05:01 2004


Thanks for your answer.

>> What reasons can it have, if clients close the connection to
>> the server,
>> within 1-5 seconds after a successful password verification?
>> Sometimes I can
>> even move the mouse for a couple of seconds, then the client
>> dies with no
>> error message.

> Could be a dodgy firewall, dodgy network connection, or just that the
> VNC server has a very short idle timeout configured!

I can exclude all these possibilities. I am the admin of this network and I
can reach different hostst in this network easily and I have stable
connections to them. The problem just occurs with 2 out of 10 hosts. It also
occurs, if the VNC-session is being opened using the LAN only (host3
connects to host4, no WAN connection there). In this case there's no
firewall or "dodgy network connection".

With the timeout, I am not sure, but I doubt that this can be the reason,
because I'm running a default installation there and I did not modify