4.0b4 doesn't use /etc/vnc.conf?

William Hooper whooper "at" freeshell.org
Wed Jan 7 02:02:01 2004

Travis Griggs said:
>>  > I
>>  > added/uncommented the line
>>  >
>>  > $getDefaultFrom = "-display localhost:0"
>>  >
>>  > in my /etc/vnc.conf file
>> VNC doesn't come with an /etc/vnc.conf file.
>> These two things sound like they may be left over from an old distro
>> specific install of VNC.  What distro and version are you using?
> It must be something that was added by whoever built the Debian package.
> I'm running Debian sarge right now. I think it's 3.3.6. I can forward
> the vnc.conf file. I got comparing the two vncserver scripts, and the
> old one has "more hooks", but is probably debian specific.

And everyone says Red Hat puts weird things in their packages....

> I'm fine with it not actually using vnc.conf. Less indirection can be
> handy at times. What I'm really trying to get my hands around is how to
> get good looking fonts in my vnc session.

This probably has to do with the font path.  I can't help much with
Debian, but Red Hat uses a font server, so you can just point VNC to it
(the "-fp" switch defined in the vncserver script).

A good place to start is to compare an "xset q" from your local (working)
display and from a vncserver session.

William Hooper