4.0b4 doesn't use /etc/vnc.conf?

Travis Griggs tgriggs "at" key.net
Wed Jan 7 00:59:00 2004

William Hooper wrote:
> Travis Griggs said:
>  > I dl'd and installed the 4.0b4 server/viewer for Linux. I installed them
>  > in ~/bin. I have an rc.d link that fires up a vnc server.
> IIRC VNC doesn't come with an rc.d script.

No, it doesn't, I did that part myself :). On entry to runlevel 2, I 
fire up a vncserver on :10 and run my control application in there.
>  > I
>  > added/uncommented the line
>  >
>  > $getDefaultFrom = "-display localhost:0"
>  >
>  > in my /etc/vnc.conf file
> VNC doesn't come with an /etc/vnc.conf file.
> These two things sound like they may be left over from an old distro
> specific install of VNC.  What distro and version are you using?

It must be something that was added by whoever built the Debian package. 
I'm running Debian sarge right now. I think it's 3.3.6. I can forward 
the vnc.conf file. I got comparing the two vncserver scripts, and the 
old one has "more hooks", but is probably debian specific.

I'm fine with it not actually using vnc.conf. Less indirection can be 
handy at times. What I'm really trying to get my hands around is how to 
get good looking fonts in my vnc session.

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