4.0b4 doesn't use /etc/vnc.conf?

Travis Griggs tgriggs "at" key.net
Wed Jan 7 00:01:00 2004

I dl'd and installed the 4.0b4 server/viewer for Linux. I installed them 
in ~/bin. I have an rc.d link that fires up a vnc server. I 
added/uncommented the line

$getDefaultFrom = "-display localhost:0"

in my /etc/vnc.conf file

But it didn't seem to take. It came up with an 800x600 geometry, I 
think. But my monitor's a flat lcd touchscreen running 1280x1024. Is 
this a known issue? Or maybe because I installed locally? Or maybe 4.0 
doesn't use vnc.conf? Any help or hints or response would be greatly 

Travis Griggs
Key Technology
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