HTTP proxy for web-based interface

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Tue Jan 6 20:04:01 2004


	Heya. I think your best choice right now is to setup
some sort of http-proxy-aware tunnel from your work to your
home machine. Then you run VNC "through" that tunnel.

	I've collected some details about setting up such
tunnels here:

	Zebedee is probably the easiest one to get setup and
running, but SSH is probably the one you'd get the most support
for on this list. Both handle proxies pretty well.
	Hope this helps!


> I recently tried installing and using RealVNC on my home machine.  I
> enabled the web based interface and am able to browse to my machine from
> another machine at home and use it as expected via the Java applet which
> runs in the web page.
> I then tried accessing my home machine from work via a web browser.
> Accessing web sites from work requires use of an HTTP proxy.  The
> browser is configured properly to go through the proxy, so I'm able to
> get to the web page with the login prompt (I've enabled a password).