question regarding realvnc for unix (sol 9)

Andreas Schmidt Andreas "at"
Tue Jan 6 17:39:01 2004

Hello Matthew,

> I am currently running a sparc ultra station 5 with solaris 9 and the
> latest cluster patches.  I have downloaded and installed the latest vnc
> software package and configured it to run CDE/Enlightenment as a GUI
> that I often use with a Windows XP SP1A machine.  The problem I have is
> this; I telnet into my Solaris box, start vnc by issuing the command
> vncserver and then from Windows I use vncviewer to open the screen.  It
> opens the display and starts the GUI fine and everything seems to work
> ok however when I go back and kill my telnet session to my box, the vnc
> screen goes gray and the desktop is no longer accessible.  I am not sure

well, this is correct - when you stop the telnet session all childs of it 
are killed too. Though the server keeps running, the window 
manager is killed. And therefor your desktop is gone. If you go this 
way, just keep the telnet session open until you don't need the 
display any longer. Then stop the server and logout.

Another way is using the server on inetd giving you your login 
screen when you start the client. The telnet stuff is not needed then. 
A step-by-step routine is at http://www.schmiddis- - it's based on solaris8-X86, but should 
work on your system the same way.

Best regards,

Andreas Schmidt
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