Jeff Solomon jsolomon8080 "at"
Tue Jan 6 00:06:00 2004


I've been using the module with much success
over the past month. I use XFree86 4.1.0-3 on RH7.2.

Here are my comments:

1. I have the key repeat delay and rate cranked up on
my native X server. 'xset q' reports:

  auto repeat delay:  250    repeat rate:  40

When view the desktop from home using a WinVNC viewer,
I get tons of duplicate key strokes. I have to set the
key delay and repeat rate back to the default:

  auto repeat delay:  660    repeat rate:  25

to get sane behavior.

I guess I don't classify this as a bug, but it would
be nice not to have to switch the repeat rate back and
forth when I'm at work/home.

2. Cut/paste doesn't work. Not one bit. Not either
direction. No mention of this not being supported in
the docs and no mention of anybody else having
problems with this which makes me wonder if I'm the
one with the problem. Cut/paste works great with the
standard Xvnc server and the same WinVNC viewer.

This is a pain. Is it known not to work, or should it?
This is the one thing that prevents me from completely
abandoning Xnvc in favor of always just connecting to
:0 via

3. My WinVNC viewer quits after a period of
inactivity. This must come from because the
same viewer will stay connected to Xvnc indefinitely.
Why does it do this? How can I disable this timeout? I
see no mention of this as an option that I can insert
into the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file.

4. It would be nice if there were a way for
applications to determine whether any viewer sessions
were currently connected to :0. surely knows
when someone is connected. Maybe a status file under
/proc could be created?

The reason for this request is that I have my mailer
(xemacs) do something different with URLs depending on
whether I'm connecting over VNC or not. If I'm at the
local console, I want URLs to open new tabs in
Mozilla, while if I'm at home, I want them to just
copy to the clipboard so I can paste them into a local
windows browser. Yes, this wouldn't work anyway as it
stands because cut/paste doesn't work, but assuming
that gets fixed...

5. Maybe some kind of verbosity should be turned on
for Put messages in /var/log/XFree86.*.log so
people can more easily track down problems? Off by
default, but enabled with an option in the
XF86Config-4 file? Just a thought.

Anyway, generally works and is totally cool.


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