question regarding realvnc for unix (sol 9)

Agle, Matthew Matthew.Agle "at"
Mon Jan 5 20:45:01 2004


            In regards to running vnc, I am experiencing a issue and
wondered if anyone has seen this/fixed this issue as well.  The problem
I am having is as follows:

I am currently running a sparc ultra station 5 with solaris 9 and the
latest cluster patches.  I have downloaded and installed the latest vnc
software package and configured it to run CDE/Enlightenment as a GUI
that I often use with a Windows XP SP1A machine.  The problem I have is
this; I telnet into my Solaris box, start vnc by issuing the command
vncserver and then from Windows I use vncviewer to open the screen.  It
opens the display and starts the GUI fine and everything seems to work
ok however when I go back and kill my telnet session to my box, the vnc
screen goes gray and the desktop is no longer accessible.  I am not sure
how to resolve this and any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks to any/all who reply!


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