couple questions

Travis Griggs tgriggs "at"
Mon Jan 5 19:20:01 2004

This is my first post to this list, I'm glad it's here.

I've been a VNC user for quite some time, first using it under Windows, 
and then recently, more and more under Linux. It makes remote pair 
programming doable.

Now, I'm getting ready to take the next step and actually try to 
integrate VNC with an application we're deploying.

Our application is a touch screen based HMI for food processing 
equipment, running Linux. One thing we want to be able to do, is 
remotely gain access to the machines for support reasons. VNC would seem 
to fill that hole. One of the problems that arose quickly was that doing 
such on Linux is actually a little more complex than doing so under 
Windows. We've played with the kde desktop sharing thing, which is VNC 
based I guess; the remote client is slow AND the local machine becomes 
quite slow when a remote client is attached. So we've hit upon the idea 
of launching a VNC server, on say, :2. We don't even bother running a 
WindowManager in the VNC session, just our full screen app. Then on the 
local screen, display :0, we'll launch a full screen viewer. Operators 
without the knowledge of how to minimize the full screen viewer, won't 
have a clue. A tech who needed normal desktop WM applications, can 
iconify the viewer and have access.

We've been prototyping this, and we think it will work, at least 
technically. I wanted to ask other's in the VNC list for feedback. Does 
the above seem OK?

A couple of other issues. I don't want to start a flame war here. There 
seem to be to VNC flavors (Real and Tight). Why? Is this another one of 
this "splits" that when I ask about, I'm going to see the ashes of 

We had some questions such as how to make the local cursor dot go away, 
but then we discovered the beta version of server and viewer on Real's 
site, and this solved all of our little issues. What is the status of 
this beta? Is it nearing "production"? Has anyone debian-ized it?


Travis Griggs
Key Technology
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