Client printing

Dr. Lawrence M. Fox drfox "at"
Mon Jan 5 04:25:01 2004

Warning: this may be a really dumb question with a really simple answer,
but I couldn't find it in my searches. 

I am trying to open source software. A need is to access the host but
print at my client. I had the the idea to enable print-to-file on my
host machine using the printer I have on my client machine. (It's a
brother MFC 9600--I configured it like a 5500, which I know will work
locally) I tried testing this idea on my local Win2K Pro computer. I set
up the printer, then went to printers:properties and printed a test page
(C:\abc). I then tried to drag abc to my printer. I got the message
saying that it was the wrong file type. I tried changing its extension
(to ps, eps, prn, txt, pcl). The only extension that would print was the
txt, but I got pages of gibberish. 

I then reconfigured my printer to be a generic printer, printed a test
page to file c:\abc.txt, and it printed fine (but it wasn't pretty). How
do I get the output of a print-to-file to print with the proper pcl
layout? Is it possible?


Date: Sunday, January 4th, 2004

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