file transfer

Rick Cooper rcooper "at"
Mon Jan 5 02:48:00 2004

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> Thanks for the information.
> It took 5 minutes to install (after removing the other
> vnc programs) and
> permitted me to transfer a 32 MB file over one minute
> within five minutes of
> starting. Not bad.
> Only problem encountered is that I cannot switch off
> my laptop. It just
> ignores the shutdown command. I have to do a
> crtl-alt-del, select
> 'winvnc.exe', stop it from running, then gracefully
> shut down as normal.f.
> Why is that?
> tom

This might be something to ask on the ultra "at" vnc list, I also run
it on a laptop (under WINXP) and have no problem shutting down
(or hibernating). I have not used it on a WIN98 laptop however.
Which version of Ultra did you download?


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