Using VNC with ssh on Windows XP

Robin Hill robin "at"
Sun Jan 4 21:18:00 2004

On Sun Jan 04, 2004 at 03:22:36PM -0800, Rachan Malhotra <RMalhotra "at"> wrote:

> I am trying to use VNC with SSH on windows. I installed sshd (from
> Cygwin installer) on my laptop that's running Win XP. I configured my
> host, started the SSH daemon and tried to login to this server from
> another machine, but was unable to login. A little research showed that
> I am supposed to configure users for sshd before they can login to the
> secure shell. Can anyone let me know how to do that ?
You're best bet (I think) is to create the users in Windows, then you
can use 'mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd' and 'mkgroup -l > /etc/group' (from
the cygwin bash shell) to create the passwd and group files needed for
sshd.  Alternately, if you're using a domain then you can get the users
and groups from that instead (see 'mkpasswd --help' for the full list of


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