Both sides of SSH

William Hooper whooper "at"
Sat Jan 3 23:32:00 2004

Dave - Market-Web said:
> I have tries to install PUTTY on both machines, but don't seem to get them
> to
> connect ( could be that I don't know what I'm doing and don't understand
> all
> the options in Putty ).

PuTTY is an SSH client, not a server.  You need an SSH server.

> The sample setup docs I have seen all seem to explain the setup for the
> 'viewer' side of the system. But I cannot find anything that explains how
> to
> set up the 'server' ( office PC ) side.

When speaking of Unix machines it is generally already set up.

> Am I missing something here ?


> Do I need to use something else on the server side ?

Yes, an SSH server.  Check out cygwin if you want free (as in beer and
speech) or SSH Communications Security if you want commercially supported.
 If you have a spare machine and a desire to learn you could set up a
Linux machine to act as an SSH server, too.

> Can I set the server to do this when windows boots up ?

Do what?

William Hooper