How to answer to articles in this list

Kevin Luff kevinluff "at"
Sat Jan 3 23:21:01 2004

One problem is that the way messages from this list are formatted is 
that a simple 'reply' from most mail clients will just go back to the 
message poster and not to the general list where info can be shared.

For example, a straight reply to this message will goto 
kevinluff "at" monx.nit (sic)
Other lists I use have the 'from' address as the list address so any 
reply would goto straight back to the list - in this case 
vnc-list "at" raelvnc.cim (sic)

Axel Pvtzinger wrote:

>this question may be too "stupid" for most of the experts in here (in this
>case: sorry !):
>But how do I ANSWER to a posting in this list (just in case I can help), so
>that the answer apears in the right thread (just posting with a corresponding
>subject-line ?)
>Thanks for any help.
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