Both sides of SSH

Dave - Market-Web jsinvest "at"
Sat Jan 3 21:54:00 2004

Hi All

Hope that someone can advise me on this.

I am quite new to using VNC and have seen some recommendations that I use SSH
to better secure my VNC connection.

I have seen references to 'PUTTY' but, as I am not a guru ( I'm at the other
end of the scale ), I seem to be missing something.

I have tries to install PUTTY on both machines, but don't seem to get them to
connect ( could be that I don't know what I'm doing and don't understand all
the options in Putty ).

The sample setup docs I have seen all seem to explain the setup for the
'viewer' side of the system. But I cannot find anything that explains how to
set up the 'server' ( office PC ) side.

Am I missing something here ?
Do I need to use something else on the server side ?
Can I set the server to do this when windows boots up ?

My existing config. is as follows :

I have 2 PCs ( different locations ) , both running Win 98 SE ( Office and
Home ).
My Office PC is running VNC Server and my Home PC running VNC Viewer.

VNC runs over my internet connection. The IP address of the Office PC changes
every time that PC is connected to the internet and I receive a e-mail at my
home PC advising me of the new IP Address. I can then use this IP address to
connect to my Office PC using VNC.

Many thanks to all in advance for any suggestions.