How to answer to articles in this list

Bill Cassady caersidi "at"
Sat Jan 3 20:53:01 2004

On Sat, 3 Jan 2004, William Hooper wrote:

> Depending on your mail reader (if it follows RFC 2369) then you will have
> a "Reply-to-list" that will not have the OP's address in the To: or CC:
> (so that the OP doesn't get two copies).

In some forums it is considered a courtesy to send a copy to the
poster, especially if you take issue with what he posted... ;)
He might be busy and miss it if its not flagged 'personal'.

Also sometimes a poster will Cc: to someone off-list, so it's a small
courtesy to leave that address in a reply.

But for a 'me too' type of reply, it's probably unnecessary.


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