How to answer to articles in this list

William Hooper whooper "at"
Sat Jan 3 18:49:00 2004

Bill Cassady said:
> Axel-
> In my mail reader there's an option to 'reply to all recipients'.
> That's the one I usually use, but in any case be sure the list address
> appears in the outgoing address space.
> The subject line will be copied automatically if you hit something
> like 'reply to this message'.

The subject is secondary to the "In-Reply-to" header (which is handled
correctly by "reply to all").  This is also why replying to a message to
"get the e-mail address" for a new message breaks threading (aka
"Hijacking a thread").

Depending on your mail reader (if it follows RFC 2369) then you will have
a "Reply-to-list" that will not have the OP's address in the To: or CC:
(so that the OP doesn't get two copies).

William Hooper