using VNC behind multiple routers

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Sat Jan 3 18:34:01 2004


	Heya. To get a VNC connection to work in your situation,
at least one of you will need to go into the LinkSys configuration
pages and "port forward" the correct TCP ports from the external
side of your firewall/router to your VNC server. Here's a writeup
from someone who had a similar experience:

	My suggestion would be for you to do all of the "hard work",
since I presume you're the more technically proficient one in the
family. :) So, forward port 5900 to your VNC Server PC, and 5500 to
your preferred VNC Viewer PC. Then your Dad can connect a Viewer to
your Server, or he could "Add Client..." in his Server which will
create a "reverse connection" with your Viewer setup in Listen mode.
In this way, your Dad doesn't need to touch his LinkSys settings at
	Right now, that's the just about the easiest way for two VNC
users behind firewall/routers to connect with each other. For Kaboodle
users ( there's a capability called "KaboodleProxy"
in beta-testing now which should make it as easy as possible. By using
it, two VNC users can connect securely with each other (Kaboodle uses
Zebedee for its remote connections) without either user having to adjust
their firewall/router settings at all. Pretty keen. It should be ready
for prime-time later this month, but you can learn more about it on the
Kaboodle email lists if you'd like:

	Hope it proves useful!


> I have VNC installed on my computer at home which is behind Linsys
> router/firewall. I need to connect one of my Stepfathers computers which
> is also behind a router/firewall. I do have SSH on my end but I don't
> think he has it on his. How should I go about making this connection? I
> can always send and have him set up SSH if it is necessary or
> recommended.