VNC Viewer and PCAnywhere 10.5

Kevin Z Grey kzgrey "at"
Fri Jan 2 19:55:01 2004

VNC Viewer is a mere stand-alone executable with some registry settings.
In other words: it messes with nothing on the system.

In fact, there is no installation routine for the viewer so my guess is
that something else fubar'd your PC Anywhere.


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I have found that after installing VNC Viewer, the TCP/IP Host mode in
PCAnwhere 10.5 do longer functioned in my LAN.  A remote trying to
the PCAnywhere host does not get a hookup screen.  To correct it, I had
uninstall VNC viewer, uninstall and reinstall PCAnwhere.

The ports used are not the same so I do not understand the reason why.
host uses windows 98SE and VNC viewer was installed to enable fast
access to
my office computer (VNC Host) over the internet with router and cable
(wideband).  VNC works quit well for that purpose but it does not seem
coexist well with PCAnywhere since I can't just stop the PCAnywhere Host
when I want to use VNC Viewer and then end the viewer because PCA will
longer work until it is reinstalled.

Any ideas?  Is there a service that VNC Viewer starts that I have to
manually stop with a ctrl-alt-del??

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Gosin
sgosin "at"
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