failing to connect to server

David Bull dn.bull "at"
Fri Jan 2 19:13:00 2004

thanks very much to Scott Best, Dave Bricetti and ER Kooi, who all 
responded very quickly to my plea for assistance.  The problem has now 
been resolved thanks to your kind help.

The solution may be of help to others who are trying to connect to 
Windows XP remote PCs. 

The remote computer had its Windows XP firewall on.  Unlike Zone Alarm 
etc, the firewall doesn't appear to be configurable to allow an incoming 
connection.  The solution was to make the connection FROM the PC with 
the XP firewall, rather than TO it.  This was done by having my 
father-in-law open VNC server app, right-click on the systray icon and 
select "add new client".  He then entered my IP address in the box , 
while I opened the VNC viewer in "listen" mode.  As soon as he clicked 
OK on his "add new client" dialogue, we were connected, and his screen 
appeared on my computer.  And his computer is still protected by the 

thanks again for all the help.