failing to connect to server

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Fri Jan 2 17:53:01 2004


	Heya. It sounds as if your father-in-law is simply giving
you the "wrong" IP address. That is, it's possible he's giving you
the IP address that's valid on his network, which isn't the same
thing as the IP address that the "rest of the world" sees him by.
This process of IP address aliasing is called "Network Address
Translation" or NAT. It can be done by his PC, his modem, or even
by his ISP.
	To find out if NAT'ing is going on, have him open a
web-browser on his VNC Server, point it to,
and run the scan there.

	The easiest way to "work around" NAT'ing right now is
to use the "Add Client..." option of a VNC Server. In this mode,
the person on the *server side* tells the Server which Viewer
to connect with; ie, your IP address.

hope this helps,

> I am an amateur user.  I have used VNC very successfully to connect to
> my mother's Windows XP machine from my own W2000 PC (over a dial-up
> connection) in order to help her out with problems.  I am now trying to
> do the same for my father-in-law, but am not succeeding and don't know
> why.  He has opened WinVNC server on his machine, and has told me the IP
> address he gets when he hovers over the icon.  I have entered this IP
> address in the "new connection" window of the listener on my PC.  I am
> then getting a "VNC Info" message which says "failed to connect to server".