Disabling Reg Key for DisableIcon

Marvin E Barnett marvinbarnett "at" usa.net
Fri Jan 2 15:24:01 2004

I have noticed that you have stated if you use the following reg key the tsr
will not show using the following:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunWinVNC (REG_SZ)
"C:\Program Files\.........\winvnc.exe" -servicehelperThis works like a

I would like to go a couple of steps further.  Are there reg settings so
that this will run as a service but not show up in the services window?   I
propose the same question where the vnc.exe does not show up in the task
manager?  Has this been implemented and if so can you please let me know the
reg keys to add.

Simply setting:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\ORL\winvnc3\defaultAllowShutdown (DWORD) to 0 does not do what
I am actually asking.  I have been able to stop the service using w2k when
this value has been set to 0.