vnc 4.0, NAT, connection reset

Haan, Jan de "at"
Fri Jan 2 10:01:01 2004

TCP vs. UDP? Thus is the port you forward set up as
a TCP port or maybe as a UDP port?

Would swap your modem for something else, e.g. rule
out the modem (or not ;-) ) as the source of the problem.



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Van: Sertar Yalciner [mailto:oyuncubey "at"]
Verzonden: vrijdag 2 januari 2004 10:05
Aan: vnc-list "at"
Onderwerp: vnc 4.0, NAT, connection reset

I have spent two days searching the net but could not
get my scenario work. Any help will be greatly

- I have vnc4 listening port 9000 on win2k
- my dsl modem translates the port 21 to port 9000 on
internal vnc server
- when i telnet to port 21 on dsl modem i get the rfb
message, so nat is working

- when I run the viewer like mydslip::21 (vnc4 allows
this) I get a "connection reset by peer" message.
- When I put a secndary laptop to ibternal net and run
vnc viewer there, it works fine.

I am goin gto go crazy, please help...


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