Freecell game causes problems

CJT cheljuba "at"
Fri Jan 2 00:20:01 2004

I've just installed the WinVNC server (3.3.7, but downloading the
4.0b4 beta server didn't solve the problem) on a Win98 machine.  It
seems almost to work, but one notable exception appears when I try
to run the "Freecell" game.

The first sign that there's a problem is that, when the VNC server
is running and I start the game, instead of saying "Freecell Game"
with the game number on the bar over the Window, I get a series of
special characters (cent sign, upside-down question mark, etc.).
I can still pull down the game's menus and deal, but when I do, the
cursor changes to an hourglass and stays that way whenever it's over
the game's window.  Sometimes it displays what appears to be a full
deal of the cards, but sometimes only a few cards are dealt.  I can
close the window, and it appears no permanent harm is done to the

Another curious thing is that, unless I set the "Poll Full Screen"
option, the cards only paint as I move the mouse over them.

I'm using the Solaris viewer from an Ultra 5 running Solaris 9, but
I doubt that makes a difference, because I also tried the Java viewer
with similar results (just slower!).

Can anybody tell me whether this is a known problem, previously unknown
problem, or something I'm doing wrong?