Listening Mode and Command Prompt

William Hooper whooper "at"
Fri Apr 30 21:42:01 2004

Aaron Axelsen said:
> I have been looking at docs, but im not seeing anything.  The OS will be
> primiarly on Windows Xp Pro.  Right now I have Ultra VNC, latest version,
> but im still testing others.  This is a featuer that we would greatly
> utilize.

You would have to try it (or ask on the UltraVNC list), but RealVNC's
winvnc.exe has a documented switch for it:

-connect [host]
    Tells a running copy of WinVNC to initiate an outgoing connection to a
listening viewer running on the specified machine. This is the
equivalent of the 'Add New Client' menu option. You can put multiple
-connect options on one command line to connect to multiple viewers at
once. If no host name is specified then the Add New Client dialog will
be displayed.

William Hooper