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Fri Apr 30 09:49:00 2004

I think this was brought up last year, and there were pros and cons for
each. Most noticeably the fact that if you get a user whose 'out of office'
isn't clever enough to recognise the mailing list header, you end up with
the mailing list being bombarded with 1000s of out of office replies, as a
user gets a message, who sends an out of office reply to the list, which is
then sent to the user, who then sends another out of office, and you get
stuck in a loop! At least with the reply being sent to the originators
email address you don't get stuck in loops!

But then the con is that the discussion leaves the list, so other people
don't get to benefit from the knowledge shared between the people mailing
each other!

I think its one of those 'damned if you do, damned if you don't'

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