VNCserver connecting problem

naoki_murakami murakami "at"
Fri Apr 30 03:33:01 2004

Dear Livio,

This is cool! It works!
As you said, 3.3.7 was blocking the ports, I think.
I shutdown all the VNC once and restarted 4.0 b4, and the connecting
problem has been cleared.

I continue searching further for the telnet and netstat.


Ken Yokota.  

> Dear Ken
> Be sure that VNCServer is actually running and that there is only one
> version of VNCServer which is running. I mean different versions of
> VNCServer (e.g. 3.3.7 and 4.0b4) can coexist on one machine but the first
> instance will allocate TCP Port 5900 whereas the others will listen on
> different port numbers (5901, 5902 etc.). Be sure that VNC is actually
> listening on port 5900!
> >From the command prompt window, you can issue the netstat command to see
> which ports are used and along with their status.
> Cheers
> Livio Curzola
> Software engineer