Secure "tunneling" and "Windows to Windows" VNC connection?

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Fri Apr 30 02:27:00 2004

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Hi, there a "searchable" version of the list archives? I went
to the list archive site, but couldn't find any way to search for
specific topics. Since I can't seem to search the archives, I hope
you'll forgive me if the following issue(s) have been well covered
here in the past...

Now and then (it's becoming pretty often now), I help some family
members and friends with various basic computer issues, and we find
RealVNC to be a wonderful tool for this. Though we're not passing
along any state secrets, I'd still rather use a secure method for the
data transfer...if possible. Since I've never dealt with "SSH" type
tunneling before, I'd like some advice from those who have.

The way I've always gone about using RealVNC is this:

1) I run my NVC viewer
2) I have the other party run the VNC server on their machine, then
   have them "Add New Client" by putting my IP address in the host

   This works very nicely for our basic connection, and it's very easy
   for them.

Now...if I'd like to set up a more secure encrypted "tunneling"
system, where do I begin? I've never done anything like this before,
so I'll need to learn about this from the very beginning. Links to
"Tunneling for Dummies" sites, etc. will be greatly appreciated!
Especially sites that deal specifically with RealVNC in this regard
would be helpful.

Also...while some of my family and friends have broadband connections,
some of them are still using dial-up. If I can manage to set up some
sort of secure tunneling for our VNC connections, will we expect to
see any significant slowing of the connection?

Oh yes, and this...

I don't know if this would make difference in the process, but these
connections need to be made to and from various versions of Windows.
I'm running WinXP Home, and the others are using anything from
Win98SE, WinME, to WinXP Home and Pro.

You're very welcome to answer any questions I haven't thought to ask
as well! :-)


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