Reply to this group?

Nicholson, Rob rob.nicholson "at"
Fri Apr 30 00:39:01 2004

Darn!!! I've just done it again - just replied to author...

>Unfortunately, your current mailer seems to have obliterated the previous
Message ID references, so those of us who prefer to read such lists threaded
by "references" see your post as an "orphan", separated from the original
thread. :-(

Yeah, I noticed that - I use a little know email package called Outlook 2000
from some small outfit called Microsoft. You might not of heard of them :-)
Email is sent/received by Exchange 5.5.

>I suppose I could thread this list by "subject" instead, but I've

That's what I have to do - Outlook conversation threading is pretty poor.

>Eek! My first two messages to this list have nothing to do with VNC!

Well they have in that we're having difficulties using the VNC mailing list.