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Thu Apr 29 18:58:00 2004

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Hi James,

On Thursday, April 29, 2004, at 6:34:29 AM PST, you wrote:

> Use Reply To All in your mailer.

In my opinion, that's a compromise at best.  In order to not send
duplicate messages to the person who's message is being replied to,
after one chooses "reply to all", the original sender's address needs
to be manually removed, leaving just the list address in the "to"

> Alternatively, some mailers can handle mailing lists correctly, so
> you could use one of them instead.

I agree with this one. I happen to use an email client that offers
several different ways to deal with lists...including dealing with the
issue of list servers that don't automatically assign the list address
for "Reply To". I could, along with all my messages, try to force a
"reply to" back to the list address (effect still might depend on how
the list server deals with this), but instead, I choose to simply
force the list address locally in my own list reply template. This
way, I only force a change on *my* end, and leave it up to others how
they choose to deal with the "reply to" issue when one of my messages
is distributed by the list server. If I ever do wish to reply
"off-list" to someone, I can always manually override my usual
template with a "quick template" (invoked via a couple of keystrokes).

By the way...if anyone is interested in a truly amazing email client
(for Windows only, though some have run it under Wine on Linux
systems), I highly recommend the one I use..."The Bat!":

PS: This is my first post to this list, and already, I seem to have a
perfect "off-topic" record! ;-)

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