VNC vs. TS

John C. Swanson jswanson "at"
Thu Apr 29 16:46:01 2004

Microsoft Terminal Services (RDP) is licensed from Citrix.

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>No it's not.

Is RDP far more tightly tied into the back end rendering system in
TS or is it just a protocol for transferring bitmaps etc. down

It used to be that Citrix ICA protocol knocked the spots off RDP but RDP
now caught up in terms of efficiency.

RDP/ICA used with Terminal Server/Citrix is much more effective than VNC
that's not a criticism of VNC though! VNC has a small footprint and
integrates lightly with the host OS. That's a good thing! But it does
that it's not as good at spotting screen updates than a more integrated
approach. But that's the price you pay (i.e. you pay newt).

Regards, Rob.
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