RealVNC and Psexec

fgc fgc "at"
Thu Apr 29 16:42:01 2004

Hi all,

I'm using Psexec (
to remotely install VNC. It works fine--most of the times. I'm launching
psexec with a VBscript shell.Run("psexec \\machine etc etc). Now I wonder,
does somebody know how to get an error code to test if the installation
worked or not? If I do result = shell.Run("psexec \\etc etc), result is
*always* = 0. I'm suppose this is a vbscript problem (I'm very new to it)
and as such perhaps not entirely appropiate to this list (apologies), but
I'm at a loss, and I guess somebody on this list has already got this to
work and can give me a hint. Thanks in advance,