VNC vs. TS part II

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Thu Apr 29 14:07:00 2004

PS. Email lost my original B# symbol in the below. All figures are UK

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>When I started adding up the cost of a Terminal Server and all of the
client licenses... made me sad.

We're looking at upgrading/replacing our Citrix Terminal Server environment
with a new Dell dual CPU server, Windows 2003 Server and Citrix Presentation
Server. This is going to cost ~?16,000 for 50 users. For 15 users, it would
be around ?12,000.

15 PCs here in the UK would cost ~?7,500. Set-up and maintenance of 15 PCs
will cost more over time than set-up and maintenance of one Citrix terminal
server (one box is more than fine for 15 users). Let alone the space
required for 15 computers :-)

Plus you should think about the security.

And what happens when you need 20 users? That's another 5 PCs to purchase
and configure as opposed to simply buying 5 more licenses.

And what happens when the CRM software needs upgrading? 15 PCs installs as
opposed to one install on a central server. Okay, you can do it remotely
using VNC.

Also, once you've got that Citrix box in there you can offer remote desktop
working very easily. You can also publish those legacy Windows applications
internally and externally as required.

Yes, centralised computing does appear expensive as you're being presented
with all the figures together. But it's not when you consider TCO. By
running terminal server, it's saving employing another IT support person at
annual cost of ~?50,000. It's a no brainer really and I'm surprised not more
people do it...

>Would this be insane?

Yes :-)

Regards, Rob.

PS. Once again, this isn't an attack against VNC...
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