VNC vs. TS part II

Jerome R. Westrick jerry "at"
Thu Apr 29 09:11:01 2004

If I understood you,
all you need to do is connect via RDP (remote desktop)?

THen you don't need clients ? only rerouting of protocols!


On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 03:06, Ordway, Bruce wrote:
> Please let me rephrase my original question.
> I have about 15 remote users.
> In fact remote may be a misnomer, they could be called disconnected
> users right now.
> The CRM application we use connects to a WinNT RAS server occasionally
> and replicates.
> We are upgrading our CRM application & it doesn't replicate anymore.
> Instead, looks like a user connects using Windows Terminal server and
> uses the application "live".
> When I started adding up the cost of a Terminal Server and all of the
> client licenses... made me sad.
> I haven't done the math yet but I wonder if it wouldn't be cheaper (and
> easier?) to set up 15 PC's in the back room. They could each run the
> client CRM software and a VNC Server. PC's are pretty darn cheap these
> days.
> Would this be insane?
> If not, then what if we go even further.
> How about fewer PC's sliced up using VMWare?
> Possible?
> Cool or UnCool?
> Thanks,
> Bruce
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