VNC vs. TS part II

Ordway, Bruce bruceo "at"
Thu Apr 29 02:07:01 2004

Please let me rephrase my original question.
I have about 15 remote users.
In fact remote may be a misnomer, they could be called disconnected
users right now.
The CRM application we use connects to a WinNT RAS server occasionally
and replicates.
We are upgrading our CRM application & it doesn't replicate anymore.
Instead, looks like a user connects using Windows Terminal server and
uses the application "live".

When I started adding up the cost of a Terminal Server and all of the
client licenses... made me sad.

I haven't done the math yet but I wonder if it wouldn't be cheaper (and
easier?) to set up 15 PC's in the back room. They could each run the
client CRM software and a VNC Server. PC's are pretty darn cheap these

Would this be insane?

If not, then what if we go even further.
How about fewer PC's sliced up using VMWare?
Cool or UnCool?