Signalling VNC sessions in multimedia sessions

Jonathan Lennox lennox "at"
Wed Apr 28 19:12:00 2004

Hello, all --

It's often desirable to share a computer screen as part of a larger
multimedia session.  An example of this is if you're giving a presentation
with slides (Powerpoint or the like) -- you want the other side to be able
to see the slides you're showing on your local screen.

Windows Messenger and NetMeeting support this with "Application Sharing"
service, which I believe uses Microsoft's local variations on T.128, but as
of yet there's no open specification for this as part of the IETF suite of
multimedia conferencing protocols.

I felt that VNC would be an obvious choice for this, so I've written up a
specification for how to signal RFB sessions using the Session Description
Protocol, the common protocol that all IETF multimedia protocols use to
describe the media channels of a multimedia session.

The draft specification is available at
I'd appreciate any comments on it from the VNC community before submitting
it to the IETF Internet-Drafts repository.  Do people feel that this is a
good idea, and if so, is this the best way to go about it?  Is there
anything crucial that I've overlooked?


Jonathan Lennox
lennox "at"