VNC on Win2K Server

shaun thornburgh shaunthornburgh "at"
Wed Apr 28 16:29:00 2004


I have installed VNC on our Windows 2000 Server Machine. However, I am 
unable to connect to our machine from outside of the office. When I try I 
get a message saying either:

'This server does not have a valid password enabled. Until a password is 
set, incoming connections cannot be accepted.'


'Your connection has been rejected.'

I have set a password using the properties dialog box. I have tried 
accessing this via http using http://My IP:5800 in a browser and I get to 
the login screen. If I enter an incorrect password I get the 1st message, 
however if I enter the correct password I get the second error message.

I have asked our office network company to open incoming and outgoing VNC 
ports on the firewal. I am also able to ping in to the server and out of the 

I am lost now and don't know what else to try, please help!

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