'Another instance of RealVNC is already running.'

Seak, Teng-Fong tfseak "at" futurmaster.com
Wed Apr 28 15:14:00 2004

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> Objet : RE: 'Another instance of RealVNC is already running.'
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> When I move of offending window around the following show an increased usage
> of cpu resources:
> Explorer.exe
> WinVNC.exe
> csrss.exe

	And have you made a search for this winvnc.exe?  Is it where it is supposed to be?  Are both winvnc.exe the same file (ie in the same directory)?

> Text search of csrss on the drive revealed that ie5 logged about csrss.exe
> on install on 2/15 and that it came with one of the service pack. Besides
> that it's PID is low enough that it was launched at boot time by the OS.
> I'll have to let my system wait for the next opportunity to troubleshoot,
> but it seems that if the extra copy of WinVNC is being launched externally,
> by the time it has called up the window it has self exited.

	If you think the problem happens when the lease expires and VNC is launched externally, you could do these two experiments to verify it:
1) when you think the problem is about to happen, unplug your network adapter and see if it happens or not.
2) if possible, plug your PC in another network (and thus having another DHCP server) and see what happens.

	Have you applied service pack and hotfixes to your system, by the way?
> The question is: I've been running winVNC off and on for about two years
> now, vast majority of that has been on this system. This behavior is newer
> but how exactly DOES winVNC behave on the change over of ip? (is there a
> developer to describe this, or should I pick up the code and see?)

	Personally, my PC's are also having dynamic IP addresses but I've never seen such problem.  I doubt the lease is the main cause.

	If address lease is an indirect cause to your problem, a quick solution would be to use a fixed address.  You could ask your network admin to give you parameters or let him do it if possible.