R: VNCserver connecting problem

Livio Curzola l.curzola "at" t-t.it
Wed Apr 28 13:39:01 2004

Dear Ken

Be sure that VNCServer is actually running and that there is only one
version of VNCServer which is running. I mean different versions of
VNCServer (e.g. 3.3.7 and 4.0b4) can coexist on one machine but the first
instance will allocate TCP Port 5900 whereas the others will listen on
different port numbers (5901, 5902 etc.). Be sure that VNC is actually
listening on port 5900!

From the command prompt window, you can issue the netstat command to see
which ports are used and along with their status.


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Oggetto: Re: VNCserver connecting problem

Subject: R: VNCserver connecting problem

Dear Livio,
As of your advice, I have downloaded 4.0 b4, and installed to both
of my server and viewer, and then tried again.
Unfortunately, the situation seems not to be improved: I still have
an error of "unable connect to host: Connection refused (10061)"
instead of "Your connection has been rejected"(on version 3.3.3R7)
I have checked the event viewer application log, and what I have 
found was:
"TcpListener on port 5800 failed (unable to bind listening socket)"
"TcpListener on port 5900 failed (unable to bind listening socket)"
What I am thinking is that this connecting problem is not caused
of VNC but of someother cause. Maybe these ports have been occupied
by someother application or whatever.I think I will check out the port
settings of my server(Win2000pro).

Do you have any clue? Please keep me advise.

Thanks, Livio.

> I would try to install VNC-Server 4.0 b4 because it stores in the
> Application event log the attempted connections from a viewer. I think
> would help diagnose your problem.
> Regards
> Livio Curzola
> Software engineer
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