'Another instance of RealVNC is already running.'

James Weatherall jnw "at" realvnc.com
Wed Apr 28 11:09:01 2004

> When I move of offending window around the following show an 
> increased usage of cpu resources: Explorer.exe WinVNC.exe csrss.exe

csrss is the Win32 subsystem executable.  It has to be running if you're to
run any Win32 programs.

> I'll have to let my system wait for the next opportunity to 
> troubleshoot, but it seems that if the extra copy of WinVNC 
> is being launched externally, by the time it has called up 
> the window it has self exited.

If the message box is visible then the process will still be running.

> The question is: I've been running winVNC off and on for 
> about two years now, vast majority of that has been on this 
> system. This behavior is newer but how exactly DOES winVNC 
> behave on the change over of ip? (is there a developer to 
> describe this, or should I pick up the code and see?)

VNC Server doesn't do anything when your IP address changes.  It doesn't
have to - it's listening for connections from any IP, so it just continues
doing that.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.