VNCserver connecting problem

Jerome R. Westrick jerry "at"
Wed Apr 28 08:40:01 2004

There is a standard test to see if the server is installed and running
correctly.  It consists of executing "telnet localhost 5900" on the same
machine as the server is running.  (Note the port 5900 assumes display
is 0).

Correct result is the display of the RFB protocol version...
something like this:

RFB 003.003

If you don't get this then vnc server is not correctly running  on the
display you think it should!

An additional note:   UltraVnc (and I don't know about other flavors)
has a special flag "Allow loopback Connections", which has to be set for
this test to work.  

The next test in the standard debug series is to do the telnet from
within your local network 

telnet <myvncserver> 5900

This also tests the firewall on your vncserver machine...


P.S.  Since both 5800 and 5900 are already used when start VNC,  I would
think you already got a version running, if not started by you...  Do
you happen to have the trojan?   Someone had made a trojan out of vnc
once upon a time... 


On Wed, 2004-04-28 at 08:56, naoki_murakami wrote:
> Subject: R: VNCserver connecting problem
> Dear Livio,
> As of your advice, I have downloaded 4.0 b4, and installed to both
> of my server and viewer, and then tried again.
> Unfortunately, the situation seems not to be improved: I still have
> an error of "unable connect to host: Connection refused (10061)"
> instead of "Your connection has been rejected"(on version 3.3.3R7)
> I have checked the event viewer application log, and what I have 
> found was:
> "TcpListener on port 5800 failed (unable to bind listening socket)"
> and
> "TcpListener on port 5900 failed (unable to bind listening socket)"
> What I am thinking is that this connecting problem is not caused
> of VNC but of someother cause. Maybe these ports have been occupied
> by someother application or whatever.I think I will check out the port
> settings of my server(Win2000pro).
> Do you have any clue? Please keep me advise.
> Thanks, Livio.
> > I would try to install VNC-Server 4.0 b4 because it stores in the
> > Application event log the attempted connections from a viewer. I think this
> > would help diagnose your problem.
> > 
> > Regards
> > 
> > Livio Curzola
> > Software engineer
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