VNCserver connecting problem

naoki_murakami murakami "at"
Wed Apr 28 08:01:01 2004

Subject: R: VNCserver connecting problem

Dear Livio,
As of your advice, I have downloaded 4.0 b4, and installed to both
of my server and viewer, and then tried again.
Unfortunately, the situation seems not to be improved: I still have
an error of "unable connect to host: Connection refused (10061)"
instead of "Your connection has been rejected"(on version 3.3.3R7)
I have checked the event viewer application log, and what I have 
found was:
"TcpListener on port 5800 failed (unable to bind listening socket)"
"TcpListener on port 5900 failed (unable to bind listening socket)"
What I am thinking is that this connecting problem is not caused
of VNC but of someother cause. Maybe these ports have been occupied
by someother application or whatever.I think I will check out the port
settings of my server(Win2000pro).

Do you have any clue? Please keep me advise.

Thanks, Livio.

> I would try to install VNC-Server 4.0 b4 because it stores in the
> Application event log the attempted connections from a viewer. I think this
> would help diagnose your problem.
> Regards
> Livio Curzola
> Software engineer