VNC vs. TS

Jonathan Lennox lennox "at"
Tue Apr 27 21:45:01 2004

On Tuesday, April 27 2004, "Nicholson, Rob" wrote to "'vnc-list "at"'" saying:

> >No it's not.
> Is RDP far more tightly tied into the back end rendering system in Windows
> TS or is it just a protocol for transferring bitmaps etc. down low-bandwidth
> lines?

Both.  As far as I can tell it's theoretically platform-independent, but its
structure has some "remarkable" similarities to the way Windows does things.

RDP is an extended version of the ITU's T.128 protocol -- or, rather, since
Microsoft was the development lead on T.128, T.128 is a somewhat old
snapshot of RDP.

You can get a copy of T.128 from the ITU.  Normally you have to pay, but as
a sample they provide three free ITU recommendations per e-mail address (see
Freely-distributable draft copies of the spec are also available on

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